Equipment and Environment

We are proud to be an environmentally innovative carbon neutral printing company. We are passionate about making green the most beautiful colour in the world. It doesn’t have to look like tree bark to be green, being an environmentally innovative printer is more than simply recycling, innovation comes from passion and practice, every day.

Our passion for environmental printing started in 2008, we contacted our suppliers and partners, and started recycling programs for papers, wood, plastics, metals, and chemical recoveries from that point on. We are well on our way to achieving zero waste, we recycle and down-cycle literally everything from organic compost to plastic, paper, metal, wood; including unused inks, which are converted into black newspaper ink.

Our equipment is constantly being improved, we  are aware of new products as they come to market and often are the first in our segment to use these items. Our techs are continually are being trained with the newest techniques and materials. This results in a superior product for the client and the least impact on our planet.

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